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Steve Le’Plume


Steve Le’Plume was a young airman charged with guarding the East Gate at RAF Bentwaters in December/January,1980. Today, he is a successful Super Bike Racer and a Security Guard for High profile Politicians, Dignitaries and Entertainers all over the world and was a Mercenary involved in the Iran Contra affair with the bullet hole scares to prove it. He is one of the most interesting and to most of us, virtually un heard of witnesses to the1980/81 event! I have found that he has an entirely new version of even more events that happened back then and we had to get him on Eye Witness Radio for a talk on his perspective through his own eyes. He says, “This will be my Last Interview” and you don’t want to miss this show! Special Thanks to Paola Harris for arranging this interview for us. Without her, this interview would not be taking place.


In His Own Words

When I had just turned eighteen years of age I was an Airman in the United States Air Force stationed at RAF Bentwaters.

I want to go into detail about my time there related to the UFO incident/sighting. I know I am but one in this mess, however I want to have my voice heard for a change. I truly believe what happened to me did in fact happen and I also think the incident has been underplayed or ever shadowed by the “big show” that happened in late Dec. of 1980.

I also believe that I will never know what truly happened to me and what it was all about. It’s taken me about twenty nine years to accept this but with this new found peace I can look at what happened to me objectively with no emotional attachment anymore. I honestly don’t give a * about RAF Bentwaters.

To understand what it was like from my perspective I need to give you a real good idea of what I was like and what I was about back then. I will make it brief and to the point.

I was a 147lbs weakling of a Mamma’s boy when I entered the Service of my Country. When I got to the RAF base, leased to the US Air Force, I was still the same geeky little kid I was when I was in school except I had waltzed through basic training when they needed musicians for the drum and bugle corp. I volunteered as I had been playing trumpet for years.

Security Police training was boring at best and the only part I liked was when new got guns and did war games type stuff. The rest was a blur of drunken nights and boring classroom by day.

When I arrived at RAF Bentwaters, I ran into someone and we talked about Lackland [AFB] for a few moments. Then we discovered we had hid under the same overturned table in a large bar room fight on base. We both had dates and we turned the table on its wide side and hid behind it or something to that effect. Anyway his name was Larry Warren but I honestly can not remember when I had met him for the first time. He was around then we met and became good friends for a bit of time then after the incident it was really a bit intense. The whole situation was really awkward I guess would be the best word. Because it was so far off the norm it was hard to navigate through the day at times. It was always right there in my face…

From Paola Harris’ 2006 Book


Another case in point to examine might be the Rendlesham Forest, Bentwaters case. One NASA engineer told me that was probably the TR3B advanced aircraft checking the security of the US nuclear arsenal in England. But from the witness testimony of Larry Warren and Walter Halt, it is obvious that the craft was having flying difficulties and the military men were terrified at this incident. Most of them were also intensely debriefed right after it happened. If this was our surveillance craft, why was the head commander of the Bentwaters base not warned? For the answer, I went to Clifford Stone. Sergeant Clifford Stone, who worked on crash retrievals with recovery projects Moon Dust and Blue Fly, told me in a telephone conversation on 2 January 2000, that he was in Germany at the time and the Bentwaters case was a real UFO case.

The case is fascinating and, as destiny would have it, I actually heard from a participant and witness, who were on the Bentwaters Base in England at the time. Steve LaPlume now lives in China and having heard me on the Coast to Coast show with George Noory, in 2005, he contacted me immediately and trusted me with the following testimony:

“I, Steven Robert LaPlume, on this third day of February 2005, wish to declare the following as true regarding the events on and at RAF Bentwaters from December 26th, 1980 to January 30th, 1981.

I witnessed members from another flight entering the day room at about 10:00 a.m., three hours after their shift ended. They were very distraught when asked about their encounter with a UFO the shift before.

Also, Larry Warren related to me the events of a few nights, which entailed the sighting of a UFO, the fact that the lights were not working properly and also that he witnessed a craft, three beings, and a Colonel communicating with the beings. He also mentioned that there was film documentation and that parts were flown in from Germany to help fix the downed craft. This was in early January of 1981.

I had a subsequent sighting which brought out a mass of high-ranking officials, one of which brought his wife and teenaged son to: “Hopefully get to see one this time!” [Quote by the Lt. Colonel's wife.] The base commander, Colonel Gordon Williams, (promoted by Congress the day before to General), was also present and I advised him my post was then “safe and secure,” as instructed by my shift commander, Lt. Englund.

After Larry Warren came up missing for a few days and told me of his “interrogation procedure” and I confirmed I was being followed by still-unknown (to me) agents, I felt it in my best interest to trash my career, loose face with my father, a military man since World War II, and leave the base and the US Air Force for my own personal safety. I felt so strongly of this, I faked a suicide attempt and cut open my own stomach to prove my point and receive a discharge, which I did. I have no regrets over this action.

My personal thoughts are that if there was something, it was a threat to the ordinance we housed at the base. If there was nothing, then there was mass hysteria and the entire squadron of Security Police was mentally unfit to be in the position of responsibility we were charged with. If there was nothing, then why would the Assistant Base Commander of Woodbridge bring his family out to take pictures of a UFO, if there was nothing there to begin with? And why would a recently-promoted General Williams get out of bed at midnight to come investigate as well?”

November 4th 1980 – April 10th 1981

By Steven Robert LaPlume

Airman First Class assigned to the 81st Security Police Squadron

This is powerful testimony from a first-hand witness and that is the only testimony I usually consider valid, so when people always ask me if “I believe in UFOs,” I say it is not a matter of belief. People see them. There is hard evidence. I cannot ignore this testimony or any testimony given to me by military or ex-military witnesses. I have been lucky that I have been able to speak to people, like Sgt. Clifford Stone at his home, informally on several occasions; that they trust me to give an accurate account of their disclosure testimony.

On the Air

Tonight, 9/27/2012, Royce and I will have the distinct pleasure of interviewing for the last time one of the most interesting men involved in the Bentwaters Incident back in 1980/81, and for the last time…
Don’t miss this interview tonight, ‘ONLY’ on the Global Radio Alliance!

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