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Friday 23rd March 2012



We are delighted to announce a brand new initiative in global net radio broadcasting. The Global Radio Alliance is a new radio network spearheaded by a collective of radio hosts with many years of experience between them in commercial, terrestrial, and net radio.



The Global Radio Alliance aims to be in prime position to take full advantage of this progressive and exciting time for net radio broadcasting. Internet radio is in its infancy – it currently boasts 54 million listeners per month – but listenership increases significantly every year while terrestrial radio continues to lose both its relevancy and its market share.



The term “UFO” is one of the most searched terms on the world wide web, so we know there is enormous interest in the subject. At G.R.A. we will focus on the paranormal and UFO subject as well as making regular forays into other related realms to provide a broad cross-section of paranormal shows for people of all ages, tastes, and interests around the world.



We intend to provide an attractive and highly competitive place for sponsors, advertizers, and show hosts, with an emphasis on professionalism, audio quality, and content. We will use only the best streams to ensure our shows can be heard by as many ears as possible throughout the world. We also boast fully professional recording and broadcasting facilities, top sound and multi-media designers, and in-house marketing and promotional experts.



G.R.A. will be starting operations on MARCH 30th 2012, and we have already lined up many of the top names in ufology as our show hosts and guests. Join ufology’s most eminent historian and leading light, Richard Dolan, for his ground-breaking three hours a week LIVE “Truth Out” show. Join Paola Harris for “The Paola Harris Report”. Paola Harris is a major player in the exopolitics movement in Europe, acclaimed investigative journalist, author, field investigator and she also worked with Dr J. Allen Hynek – the godfather of modern ufology. Join Race Hobbs and Royce Fitzgerald for their ground-breaking “Eyewitness Radio” show – the list of their previous guests could easily be a “Who’s Who” of ufology. Join Warren and Jason – the “Truth Theorem” boys – each week for their riotous trip into the underbelly of the unexplained. Join Lorin Cutts for his “High Strangeness” show that focuses on the many para-psychological aspects linked to the UFO phenomenon. Join Margie Kay, respected and experienced psychic and paranormal investigator, for TWO weekly shows: “Wood Fired Radio” and “The Un-X News Report”. And join lifetime experiencer and conduit Suzanne Chancellor for her “Random Alien Brain Droppings”. And that is just the beginning!



If you are interested in show sponsorship, advertizing or are a show host interested in placing your show on G.R.A. then please contact us at



A 5 Fifteen Productions Inc. Company.








Eye Witness Radio

Truth Theorem Radio

High Strangeness Show

Truth Out Show with Richard Dolan

The Paola Harris Report

The Un-X News Report

Wood Fired Radio

Random Alien Brain Droppings

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